Monday, May 28, 2007

Dude! Dove e l'automobile?

Matt and I sure do know how to have a rockin' good time on a Friday night.
Last week when we got to Florence we parked the car up at the end of our block. Appearently the neighbors didn't like it and on Friday called to have it towed. I noticed it was gone and instead of freakin', I convinced myself that Matt had moved it that morning, but when he came home from orientation at school and asked "did you move the car?" ("no, I thought you moved the car") My heart sank, a lot, not just a little, but a lot. We pondered the situation and decided to call the landlady Federica, and she jumped right on it. Called us back to let us know that the police had towed it and we could pick it up any time (the impound lot is open 24/7) told us the bail amount (97.50 euro - wayyy less than city tow in SF). So we called a taxi and and went to rescue the car from its jail. The taxi driver knew exactly where we needed to go (like he had done this before), Took us on a lovely drive through a part of town we never would have seen if the car hadn't been towed. The guys at the lot were really nice and helped us keep a smile on our faces. The clerk was really sorry to give me the ticket from the police that I will have to hand to Hertz when I drop the car, but it's only 74 euros, not too bad considering what is would cost at home. Throughout the journey we have been blessed with grace and ease. Good times, good times...
After we got back from the impound lot, we hooked up with our new buddy Tim, a super nice guy from Richmond, VA and went to have dinner. Ended up being treated very well by the guy Matt worked for last year. The kitchen was closed "but for you I make it special!! Sit, sit, I bring you vino!!" Then a feast was laid before us and we drank and laughed the stress away. Sat around Piazza del Santo Spiritu until 2 am talking. Rockin' good Friday night!!

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Lara said...

Sounds like you're having a lovely time! I can picture you two sitting in the Piazza, only in my head, I'm there too!