Friday, May 25, 2007

When I woke up, I was in Florence...

Aloha ~
Boy, that week went by fast. When I started this journey, I had evey intention of blogging every couple of days. Really, I did. What's that saying "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"? Not that we're on the road to hell, mind you...
Amsterdam was heavenly. We were well received, and grateful that the hotel manager was willing to carry our luggage up the three flights of (tiny) stairs, while we went across the street to have a complimentary welcome bier. We met some nice Brits and had fun chatting about various things, including politics. They were glad to hear we weren't Republicans. Our time in the Dam was sooo short, really quite a tease, but we both thought it was our easiest and best time there. Well, any time spent in Amsterdam is the best!
Driving in Europe is, hmm, how to put this...similar, yet different. A little faster, a little more aggresive, and a little more yelling involved. I'll be biting my tongue the next time I catch myself starting to complain about how expensive our gas prices are. We are driving a brand new (19 km on it when we picked it up) VW Jetta. Gas tank is probably 16 gallons-ish. The first time we got gas we filled up at 1/2 a tank. Cost 50 euros. For 1/2 a tank. Exchange is roughly 1eu: 1.35US. Ouch.
So much has transpired in the past week that it's hard to know what to write. Matt is at orientation for school today, but when he comes home I hope to load some of the photos here, and write more about the loveliness we have experienced thus far on the journey. Stay tuned...

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