Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We'll always have Poggibonsi...

On Saturday we took a drive through the rolling hills of the Chianti region. It made me a little homesick. If you remove a few of the Tuscan villas and add in Spanish adobes, you'd think you were in Sonoma county (or Napa). Except those wineries would be open on Saturday. Here, not so much. We had our wine with lunch, and it was good. Then we kept on driving. Had to stop and have a moment looking out over a valley with Cecilia Bartoli singing her heart out on the car stereo. Single tear moment.
When we got back into Firenze, we dropped Tim off near his apartment, found our way back to ours, then tidied the joint up, as Tim was coming over and he and Matt got busy in the kitchen. I stayed out of their way. I am no fool, I keep out of the kitchen when two chefs are makin' magic!(Later, it only took me 45 minutes to do the dishes, this I can do...) Some how with a little of this from Tim and a little of this that we had on hand developed: Veal scallopini, pear and pecorino raviloi with cream sauce and salad with strawberry/red wine vinegarette. Three different wines to go with. Magic...
Here's some snaps from the drive.

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Martha said...

what gorgeous photos!
sounds as if you are having a really wonderful time, with vino, delicious food, friendly people, even car adventures!
thanks for sharing so we can imagine we are there too!